Digital Photo Frame

What we do
What we need
How we do (Hardware)
How we do (Software)
Still shots Outcome
What we do

Have you ever got Photo frame on your desk or have you given photo frame to your parents or friends as a gift?

I guess you had it before or planning to do it later. 


Then what about making awesome digital photo frame at this time? 

This gonna be lots of fun and even unforgettable present to whom you're going to give. 


Let's get into it! 🙂

What we need

Here is the list we need to make Digital Photo Frame. 


  • Hardware Side
  1. Raspberry Pi with SD card
  2. Display - monitor or small LCD with controller board
  3. Wooden or plastic photo frame
  4. A few thick papers for making frame design better. 🙂
  5. Short HDMI cable to connect Raspberry Pi and Controller board


  • Software side
  1. Digital Photo frame raspbian image for easier work
  2. Google account (Google Photo)
  3. Some photos to show (from Google Photo)
  4. Configuration and Test!


How we do (Hardware)
  • Prepare photo frame and cut paper to make it fit to small monitor for better looking if needed


  • Connect monitor to controller board and put all the stuff into photo frame


  • Back of the photo frame, attach properly controller board and raspberry pi zero on it


  • Connect raspberry pi zero with controller board with HDMI ports


How we do (Software)

In software side, we're very lucky as Henric Andersson, he already releases periodically useful raspbian images. 

so we can use this image for easier steps, but there still are some configuration steps we need to do.


First of all, you should prepare Raspberry Pi with OS.


Please click the following button to look into other posts for prerequisite lessons.


Prepare RaspberryPi


but please note that we're going to use different OS image this time with his photoframe one.


Please click here to download the recent PhotoFrame image for Raspberry Pi.

(At current time, 2019 vesion available.)


so, now we're ready to boot our Raspberry Pi with Photo frame Image. Let's do initial setup then.


  1. Edit 'wifi-config.txt' for your wifi ssid and password
  2. Edit 'http-auth.json' or just leave if you want to use the default one. (By default the username is photoframe and the password is password)
  3. Boot and do initial setup
  4. Setting up Google Photo

For more details, you can check and follow the details here

Still shots Outcome
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