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What we do
What we need
How we do (Hardware)
How we do (Software)
Still shots Outcome
What we do

Now, we're going to make Ultrasonic Sensor node using RFM69 module.


but please note you should have RFM Gateway Setup first in your OpenHAB Configuration.

If not, just click the below button for setting up RFM Gateway.


OpenHAB Gateway

How we do (Hardware)

How we do (Software)

Please note that if you buy the kit, the included Arduino Uno has been uploaded with code already.

so you don't need to do anything. just insert it and play.


However, if not or you want to follow steps and learn how software parts works,

please find the enclosed documents or instruction for further details.



  • Sneak peek on Software part


First of all, you should know how to upload sketch on Arduino Uno.

Please click these buttons to look into other posts for prerequisite learnings.




Once your Arduino is ready,


1. Define variables for Ultrasonic Sensor
2. Set up Pins and modes
3. Radio initialization
4. Read Data from Ultrasonic sensor
5. Send data via Radio packet


The full details are explained in the enclosed docs.

Still shots Outcome
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