LoRaWAN End node – GPS Tracker


What we do
What we need
How we do (Hardware)
How we do (Software)
Still shots Outcome
What we do

Have you done or built your own Gateway from previous post?

then Now It's time to make end nodes! 


If not, you just need to click the following button to see how to make LoRaWAN Gateway.

(In case of you can find any gateways around you, you can also just use that Gateway to trasmit your end node data.)


LoRaWAN Gateway


There are lots of and many kinds of LoRaWAN nodes (can be purchased) out there as tons of companies are making commercial products for their profits these days.

However, we're going to make one of end nodes by using cheaper solution at this blog. 🙂


What we're trying to make is the kind of Tracking device.  so what are we tracking? 🙂

Whatever, whoever actually everything if we can attach this end node on.


Many people are using Tracking Device, so called 'Tracker' or 'Asset Tracker' for their important things or people.

This can be older people, dog or cat, even your car ...


Think about this situation. you have a dog , but she disappeared all of sudden. so what can you do?

If you have already attached any tiny tracking device to her collar, then you're on luck!


I hope this post would be helpful to make your own end nodes.

How we do (Hardware)


How we do (Software)

Once you've prepared all the necessary parts such as Arduino pro mini, RFM95W, GPS module and cables, and next step is to make your Arduino pro mini to be uploadable.


The upload can be done via 'FTDI Basic Breakout Board', but I didn't mention details here.

If you need how-tos, just click the following button to see how you can upload program into Arduino pro mini.


Prepare Pro Mini


  • Sneak peek on Software part


Once your Pro mini is ready,


1. Include some necessary headers

2. Specify Pins and Pin mapping being used

3. Implement some functions to get coordinates

4. Enable Serial and LMIC and initialization

Still shots Outcome


Connect wires : Arduino Pro Mini, RFM95W module and GPS module.



Once we finished connection , then let's power it. 

and go to TTN console to see GPS datas are coming in!!! 🙂




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