Simple house guard using Raspberry Pi

What we do
What we need
How we do (Hardware)
How we do (Software)
Still shots Outcome
What we do

Have you thought about the simple, tiny and awesome house protector you can easily make with your Raspberry Pi?

We're just going to do that, so bare with me. 🙂

How we do (Hardware)

How we do (Software)

Please note that if you buy the kit, the included micro SD card has already pre-made image in it.
so you don't need to do anything. just insert it and play.


However, if not or you want to follow steps and learn how software parts works,
please find the enclosed documents or instruction for further details.


  • Sneak peek on Software Part

First of all, you should prepare Raspberry Pi.

Please click these buttons to look into other posts for prerequisite learnings.


Prepare RaspberryPi


Once Raspberry's prepared, we need to install pygame and git packages.


1. pygame install
2. git install
3. clone the repository.
4. Run python script


Now, our RaspberryPi is ready to detect any movement with PIR sensor! 🙂


The full details are explained in the enclosed docs. (HouseGuard_HowWeDo_SW.txt)

Still shots Outcome

There can be other projects by using this.

For example, you can use similar things as your security system by putting this at your house doors or something. 🙂 It's all up to you!



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